Mainstreaming Gender in the Media: “Knowing my rights and my responsibilities”

Institute of Communication Studies (ICS) organized the training programme at Three different media house was held at 9th and10th June. The name of the three media house was, The Daily Spmokal and Independent Television.

Total 58 male female journalist from print, online and broadcast media participated in the training. The aim of the training was “Knowing my rights and responsibilities” by media professionals and challenges and barriers to implementation of best practice.

The Executive Director of Institute of communication Studies Ms. Nyma Nargis had started the training programme and welcomed all to participate the first day of training at media house at Sunday 9th June 2018 at 10am Purana polton Dhaka.

Social Development Expert and Lead trainer of the training programme Ms.
Mahbuba Begum, Introduced herself and asked the participants and the trainers to introduce themselves. She also prepared the ground rules of the training.
Syed Ishtiaque Reza, Editor in Chief GTV and and Mahmood Menon Khan, Executive Editor of were present at the training.

The Session on the concept of both Introduction by Institute of Communication and Studies (ICS) and & GTV and overview why gender is unique- knowing Gender in the light of Girls Advocacy Alliance. A handout was provided in Bengoli to all participants.

All participants were sharing their experience of their individual professional life challenges and they committed to careful about the girls right and also human right at reporting. Most of session was group work.
This training was very participatory and interesting. All participants were participated and they enjoyed.

The Training was closed by The Executive Director of Institute of communication Studies Ms. Nyma Nargis .She wishes to expresses her gratitude to participants for their great enthusiasm. She had given thanks to all media houses , Resource Persons for their all effort that make the Training programme program successful.