Mission Goals Values


Citizens must have access to fair and thorough reporting about the institutions and agencies that affect their lives. Accomplishing this requires independent journalists supplied with the skills, time, support, information and resources needed to serve as public watchdogs.
The mission of the ICS is to help journalists seek and achieve excellence in a craft that informs citizens and enlightens public discourse.


ICS wants to be an organization by and for journalists in association with scholars dedicated to the support, growth and nurturing of high media professionalism. It wishes to be a catalyst for change in a number of ways. ICS desires to promote and hold up the best practices and highest standards of the profession through publications, meetings and discussion and competition. ICS provides supports to research, equipment and online services for journalists interested in perfecting their craft and to select journalists. It plans to fund reporting projects that could not otherwise be completed. It will also work toward better relations with political and governmental leaders and the media but it will also help find legal resources and support for journalists who through work exposing the truth about how institutions are performing are threatened with retaliation.